Odell Brewing Tour

Things to do in Fort Collins: Odell Brewing Tour

By going on the Odell brewing tour, you will not only be in a position to taste some of the pretty amazing beers that they produce here, but you will also be able to learn more about the entire process that it has to go through in order to get to the end result. However, anything that is educational and then allows you to get hands-on with the finished product is certainly going to attract the attention of a number of people in Fort Collins.

Odell Brewing Tours Fort Collins

The Brewery Tour Itself

As the brewery is situated in Fort Collins, it does mean that it is easy to get to. However, you need to be aware that they only provide tours between 12 and 3pm, so you need to act fast if you do not want to be missing out. Also, nobody under the age of 12 is allowed to take part and it can be difficult to get walk-in places on the tours thanks to how popular they have turned out to be.

The tour lasts approximately 30 minutes, and it will teach you all about the processes that the brewery goes through in order to get the beer at the end of it all. Not only that but the tour guides are well versed on every aspect of the brewing process and are more than happy to field any questions that you could have at any point.

The Beer and Brewing

The company states that they have been able to create some brand new approaches to the brewing of beer that have had a profound impact on the actual taste. Each beer that is produced at the brewery is handcrafted thanks to the knowledge that they have on various characteristics that ultimately leads to something that is capable of delighting your tastebuds.

By going on the tour, you will be able to learn more about all of that, but some things are kept back as a company secret. However, you will certainly have a new perspective on the art of creating beer.

An Odell Brewing Tour may not be able to take up an entire afternoon in Fort Collins, but it is certainly intriguing from a different point of view and it is well worth checking out. It may only be an hour of your time, but by the end of it at least you will have a nice beer at hand.