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Mulberry MAX Liquor Store is the only liquor store in Fort Collins that goes above and beyond just what is on our shelves. Our liquor selection is second to none, and our staff expertise can’t be matched when it comes to beer, wine, and spirits.

Here at Mulberry MAX, we make every effort to be more than just a liquor store. We make sure that when you come in, there’s much more to offer to you than just what is on sale, the liquor on the shelves, and the beer in the cooler.

Wine Expertise

When it comes to wine, nobody knows better than our in-house certified sommelier who painstakingly reviews every wine that we carry on our shelves. This expertise gives you the knowledge you need to make sure your next wine is perfect for the occasion you are having or the food you are serving.

We carry almost any type of wine that you could want, both foreign and domestic – and if we don’t have what you need, we will help you find it. ​Our wine & cheese gifts are carefully constructed to pair the perfect wine with cheese, meat, and crackers to bring out the full flavor.

A staple in the Fort Collins community, Mulberry MAX is honored to be a community partner with many local breweries and events. We have a great relationship with all of the local Fort Collins breweries, and have our ear to ground for any exciting new releases or seasonals that you should know about from local breweries.

Come in an talk with a staff member about all of the new and exciting things that local Fort Collins breweries are doing!

Local Beer Expertise

Tasting Events

Looking for something new? Ask our staff about wine and beer tasting events throughout the year. We take great pride in finding new, exciting craft beers in Fort Collins and all of Colorado, then sharing them with our customers.