Moby Arena

Things to do in Fort Collins: Moby Arena

Situated in Fort Collins, the Moby Arena is a purpose built basketball arena that has a capacity of 8,745 and was built in 1966 to replace the previous arena that held a mere 1,500 spectators. Home to the basketball and volleyball teams of the Colorado State University, it is a location that is capable of producing an amazing atmosphere partly due to its overall design.

The Building

Even though it is known as the Moby Arena, that is not the official name for the building. Instead, it is officially known as the Colorado Auditorium-Gymnasium but it managed to obtain the nickname due to the way in which the building was designed.

Looking at its shape, people at the time of its construction stated that the middle looked similar to the hump of a whale, so ultimately the name ‘Moby’ came to be used by people in the area. Of course, it is not referred to as that on official paperwork, but it has certainly become an absolute favorite place and name for the people of Fort Collins.

Events and Sport

With it being home to the Rams basketball and volleyball teams, there is always some sporting event happening at the arena. It has also been host to various other sporting competitions throughout the decades including the likes of the Western Athletic Conference basketball tournament in 1992.

However, the arena has also been host to a variety of concerts with a number of big named acts taken to the stage since it was opened back in the 1960’s. Names such as the Rolling Stones, Ludacris, the Beach Boys, Chicago, Van Halen, have all appeared at the venue, and those are only the edited highlights of the musicians and groups that have included the Moby Arena on their tours.

Checking out the atmosphere at the Moby Arena is something that comes highly recommended no matter if you are talking about a sporting event of a concern. The high sides creates a cauldron of an atmosphere that is second to none and with just under 9,000 seats available, you should have no problems in getting a ticket if you are able to act fast enough.