Fort Fun

Things to do in Fort Collins: Fort Fun

Billed as the premiere source of family entertainment in Northern Colorado, there is no doubt that a trip to Fort Fun is going to completely blow your mind. With so many activities and fun things to do, the hard part is going to be simply trying to decide where you should go next as well as realizing that there are just not enough hours in the day.

Checking Out Fort Fun

The list of things that you can do at Fort Fun is rather extensive. From mini golf, to outdoor ice skating as well as batting cages, arcade games, there is literally something for everyone no matter their age or physical capabilities.

However, one thing that you may not be aware of is the way in which they have managed to include educational aspects into the various activities. From the holes on the mini golf representing different landmarks from the area right through to the kitchens being called after a local female pioneer and entertainer, you are not even going to register in your mind that they are seeking to teach you new things as you walk around.

Events and Parties

Due to the array of activities that are on offer, it does mean that Fort Fun is a wonderful place for you to hold your birthday party or celebration. Also, there are options for special date nights, team trips, even a bachelor or bachelorette party can have access in order to have some extra fun on their party night.

Furthermore, there are also lock in parties where you still get to enjoy everything when others have gone home giving you a completely different look at Fort Fun that not everybody gets to see. Just imagine not having the same queues to contend with and how amazing that would be for you.

Fort Fun is certainly very well named because it is impossible for you to not have fun during your visit. In all honesty, you will probably have to come back a number of times to fully appreciate everything that they have to offer as well as checking out those activities that you had so much fun with before. One thing that is for certain is that you best prepare for your visit to take a number of hours as you will just never want to leave.