Aggie Theatre

Things to do in Fort Collins: Aggie Theatre

The Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins is viewed as being the second largest theatre of its kind in the Fort Collins area. Located in a building that dates back to 1906, there is little doubt that it has a significant amount of character surrounding it even though the theatre itself did not first appear until 1995.

The Development of the Aggie Theatre

With the building originally hosting a furniture store way back in 1906, the location now known as the Aggie Theatre then took on a new life as a cinema with it remaining unchanged for decades. Indeed, it is pointed out that even just in 1993, that the seats in the cinema were able to rock back and forth even though they were then replaced when the theatre came into fruition.

The venue itself can hold 650 people but there are plans to expand it while still being able to keep the actual character of the place itself. Even though it is relatively small, it has still been host to a wide array of acts and artists that have ended up gracing the stage at the Aggie Theatre.

The Acts and Events

The acts and events at the Aggie Theatre do not purely focus on the Colorado music or arts scene as they do also encompass acts that come from further afield.

Previously, acts such as Reverend Horton Heat, STS9 and Griz have appeared on stage but one of the main things about this theatre is their desire to go ahead and make sure that there is always something for everyone no matter what their personal tastes could be from a musical or artistic sense.

With new owners, and those expansion plans in place, it is hoped that they will be able to draw in bigger named acts to the revamped Aggie Theatre, which means that there could very well be exciting times ahead.

Checking out an event or show of any kind at the Aggie Theatre in Downtown Fort Collins is an absolute must so you can sample the absolute delight of being in such an historical building and appreciating what is on stage. With tickets readily available, and a large number of productions throughout the year, getting to see something should certainly not prove to be a problem.