Special Order Beer

Special Order Beer in Fort Collins | Mulberry MAX

Mulberry MAX Liquor Store is the best liquor store in Fort Collins to find special order beer. This includes rare and exclusive beer that you just won’t find anywhere else – for all things beer, we have it here!

Put it on Order! Special Order Beer at Mulberry MAX

Our beer selection at Mulberry MAX is as good as any in the entire city of Fort Collins. We always make sure that our Bud Light Beer Cave and 20+ beer coolers are stocked full of your local favorites like New Belgium and Odell’s, as well as rare and exclusive beers from around the country and even the globe! We go to great lengths to ensure that you will find any type of beer you could want at Mulberry MAX Liquor Store.

Of course, in the rare occasion that we don’t have what you are looking for or you have a specific beer that you’d like to find, we can help! Mulberry MAX regularly orders rare and unique beer right to our store in Fort Collins, and you will find new beer every week that you won’t find anywhere else in Northern Colorado!

Let us know on our contact for if there is a specific beer that you are looking for, or Join Club MAX to receive exclusive updates on when exceptional and exclusive beers arrive!

Unique Beer at Mulberry MAX Liquor Store

At Mulberry MAX, we have the inside track with all major beer distributors to make sure that when a limited edition beer is available to us, it will be available to YOU. Not only that, but like you, we are huge fans of the local breweries here in Northern Colorado, and are sure to stock our coolers with seasonal beer and limited batches from these breweries.

Our reach expands far beyond just local breweries however, as we bring in exclusive beer from across the nation that is highly sought after. We even extend across the oceans and fetch rare beers from Europe, Asia, and anywhere hops are brewing on the planet! Stop in to Mulberry MAX today to see what new beer we have for you.

Beer Tasting Events in Fort Collins

Mulberry MAX is a proud partner with many Fort Collins organizations, and regularly hosts tasting events on-site for Fort Collins events, or at the retail store on College Ave. This includes events during Colorado State University football games, Broncos games, Downtown Fort Collins events and much, much more!

Beer tasting events are a great way to discover or try new beers that you might not have heard of before, or get the inside scoop and what local breweries are preparing for the upcoming season.