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If you are looking for the highest quality Scotch whisky at a great price, then head over to Mulberry MAX Liquor Store in Old Town Fort Collins! Price, selection, and quality guaranteed.

The Best Scotch Brands are at Mulberry MAX

When it comes to whisky, there is perhaps no better type for neat drinks than Scotch whisky. Scotch whisky originates in Scotland and is derived from grain or malted barley. The label on a bottle of Scotch describes how the Scotch whisky was produced, where it was made, and the age of the Scotch. If you have questions about any specific bottles, our staffers are able to answer any questions you have.

At Mulberry MAX Liquor Store, we have many different popular brands of Scotch in stock including:

  • Johnnie Walker
  • Compass Box
  • Highland Park
  • Ballantine’s
  • Monkey Shoulder
  • Haig Club
  • Macallan

Scotch whisky is typically aged in oak casks after distillation using grain or malted barley. The two basic types of Scotch are single malt and single grain. Single malt Scotch whisky is only water and malted barley, while single grain includes grains or other malted or unmalted grains. Blended Scotch whisky can be a blend of multiple whiskies whether grain or malt.

Scotch whisky goes great neat, but also is used in many different types of cocktails including a Rob Roy, Blood and Sand, and Rusty Nail.

Mulberry MAX Liquor Store has many different types of Scotch whisky in stock at great prices. Join Club MAX for exclusive information on rare and exclusive Scotch whisky that comes in stock.