Rare Wine

Exclusive and Rare Wine in Fort Collins | Mulberry MAX Liquor Store

You’re a wine snob. We get it, because we are wine snobs too. That’s why you will find the largest selection of rare and exclusive wines in Fort Collins at Mulberry MAX Liquor Store! Come in and see what’s in stock!

Unique Wine at Mulberry MAX

At Mulberry MAX Liquor Store, we have an in-house certified sommelier who combs through thousands and thousands of wine lists from around the world to make sure that we have the best wine selection in Fort Collins. We have wines from all around the country from Napa Valley in California to Lake Erie Wine Country. We also carry wines from all around the world, from Europe to Asia and everything in between.

Mulberry MAX is the place to be if you are looking for that special wine. Join Club MAX for updates on wine sales, wine events, and updates on when unique wines come in stock!

Special Order Wine

At Mulberry MAX, we try to make sure our shelves are stocked regularly with the wines that you want most. Our staff looks over our wine selection and orders some of the most popular and requested wines from around the world, including rare, exclusive, and limited-edition wines you won’t find anywhere else.

If you have a specific wine that you want and we don’t have it on our shelves, ask one of our staff members about it. Mulberry MAX has connections with all of the major wine distributors and tries to locate rare wine from around the world.

Wine Events at Mulberry MAX

Here at Mulberry MAX, we make sure that you are able to try new and unique wines regularly at our wine tasting events in Fort Collins. If you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur or you simply need to get out of the house for something fun, be sure to check out what’s popping at Mulberry MAX!

Check out our events calendar for a schedule of tasting events and special events at Mulberry MAX Liquor Store.

Wine Pairing | Wine Gift Boxes

Not exactly a wine expert? That’s okay because at Mulberry MAX we can help you pair the perfect wine for the perfect occasion. Our staff members will be able to suggest certain wines for your meal, or direct you to information that can help.

Mulberry MAX also offers wine gift boxes, with wine, cheese, and crackers paired perfectly from around the world. Our wine gifts are perfect for special occasions and holidays!