Rare Whiskey

Exclusive and Rare Whiskey in Fort Collins | Mulberry MAX Liquor Store

Whiskey is one of the finest liquors around, and here at Mulberry MAX Liquor Store, we search far and wide to bring you rare and hard-to-find whiskey from around the world. Stop in to see what we have in stock!

Unique Whiskey at Mulberry MAX

At Mulberry MAX, occasionally we are able to find special whiskey you won’t find anywhere else in Fort Collins. This includes all of the most popular limited-edition and rare whiskeys from around the world. Among the favorites that we carry are:

  • Pappy Van Winkle
  • Blanton’s
  • Elmer T. Lee
  • Eagle Rare
  • Yamazaki
  • Hakushu

If you are looking for any of these special whiskeys, Mulberry MAX is the Fort Collins Liquor Store for you! If we are currently out of stock of any of the above whiskeys, you can Join Club MAX for exclusive deals and updates on when they will be back in stock.

Special Order Whiskey

We try to stock our shelves with every whiskey that you could possibly want here at Mulberry MAX. When rare whiskey becomes available, we do everything we can to procure an order so that our customers can have access to them.

Mulberry MAX Liquor store regularly orders whiskey from around the world, including Asia, Europe, and all around the United States. We take great care and pride in providing you with rare and exclusive whiskey you may not have heard of, but there may be whiskey out that there that we haven’t heard of also.

Stop into the store to check out our inventory and talk with one of our staff members about and rare whiskey you have heard of.

Whiskey Events at Mulberry MAX

We regularly have tasting events for whiskey, beer, liquor, wine, and more. There’s no better way to discover a brand new whiskey than a tasting event at Mulberry MAX. We host a number of events in conjunction with events in Downtown Fort Collins, Colorado State University, and the City of Fort Collins.

Make sure to check our events calendar for updates on exclusive tasting events.