Odell Brewing Company Beer at Mulberry MAX Liquor Store

Mulberry MAX Liquor Store is proud to support local breweries, and we order and stock every beer on the docket from Odell Brewing Company right here in Fort Collins – including all-time favorites like 90 Shilling, Myrcenary, and Loose Leaf!

Types of Odell Brewing Beer

Odell Brewing Company is the second largest brewery in Fort Collins, and is well-known in the local community for being both involved in the Fort Collins community, and delivering high-quality, nationally distributed beer. Odell Brewing Company has a tap room, tours, and hosts outdoor events regularly at the brewery, and we encourage you to visit the brewery and check it out!

But you’re here for the beer, and at Mulberry MAX Liquor Store, we make sure to have all of your favorite Odell beers in stock. For a full list of beers from Odell Brewing Company, take a look at the beer list on the Odell website

Odell Brewing 90 Shilling Ale

It’s no secret that 90 Shilling Ale is the flagship beer for Odell Brewing Company. This ale is extremely smooth, and has a very distinct copper color that any Fort Collins beer aficionado would recognize from across the room. The 90 Shilling Ale can be found almost anywhere you find beer, and is a must-try for any beer drinker.

Odell Brewing Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf from Odell’s is a beer that embraces the adventure inside all of us. A strong session ale with a lot of flavor – it leaves you with a crisp and refreshing taste that will stick with you. Loose Leaf now comes in both bottles and cans, and is a perfect complement to any beer cooler.

Odell Brewing Myrcenary

The most tropical and fruit-like beer by Odell’s, the Myrcenary IPA from Odell Brewing Company is an instant classic when it comes to a strong hop flavor. This beer truly lives up to the tag “double IPA” with strong flavor and a classic golden-orange color.

Odell Brewing Easy Street

Welcome to the perfect summer day in Colorado. Easy Street Wheat Beer from Odell Brewing Company is unmatched when it comes to a light, refreshing wheat beer with a distinct taste. This beer is aptly named, as a day with an Easy Street in hand is relaxed, laid-back, and blissful.

Odell Brewing Company at the MAX

Mulberry MAX Liquor Store stocks all of your favorite Odell beer in the coolers at our Fort Collins liquor store. Stop by and see our selection, and be sure to pick up your favorite Odell beers during our monthly beer sales!