New Weekly Arrivals

Weekly Arrivals at Mulberry MAX Liquor Store

You’re after something new – and we are too. Every week Mulberry MAX Liquor Store has new arrivals of rare and exclusive beer, wine, and spirits that are sure to spark your interest. Stop in today and see what’s new on the shelves and in our coolers!

New Beer at Mulberry MAX

We know that there are those types of people that are comfortable with what they like. They go to the liquor store and pick out the same old beer they’ve been drinking for years. At Mulberry MAX, we get it – and we salute you. We stock our Beer Cave and coolers full of old favorites just for you.

But maybe you’re the more adventurous type. The type that seeks out exotic and strange new flavors. The type that wants to have the inside knowledge and something rare and exclusive. In that case, Mulberry MAX has you covered.

We import and carry exotic, rare, exclusive, and limited-edition beer that you won’t find anywhere else in Fort Collins. Mulberry MAX also coordinates with local breweries to ensure we have fully stocked coolers of seasonals and limited edition runs from local breweries.

New Wine at Mulberry MAX

Here at Mulberry MAX, we go to great lengths to procure rare and limited edition wines from all around the world. Our in-house certified sommelier puts in special orders for wine from vineyards across the country and in Europe.

For the wine enthusiast, we always have something new for you to try at Mulberry MAX Liquor Store!

New Spirits at Mulberry MAX

There are many types of alcohol that you just can’t find at your run-of-the-mill liquor store in Fort Collins. Mulberry MAX isn’t just a run-of-the-mil liquor store though, as we scour deals and exclusives from distributors to ensure that we get the rarest and most difficult to find liquors in-store for our customers. This includes whiskey, bourbon, vodka, rum, liqueurs, and much more!​Every week we bring in something new, so stop in to the store regularly to see what we have. Another way to get the inside track on new exclusives is to Join Club MAX for updates and special offers!