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Mulberry MAX Liquor Store is a proud sponsor and partner of local charities and events that are going on around Fort Collins. Part of our mission is to help the growth and well-being of the entire Northern Colorado area.

See below for a list of events Mulberry MAX is a part of:

Northern Colorado United for Youth provides young business leaders and entrepreneurs with opportunities for personal growth and leadership development. Mulberry MAX is proud to support this cause by donating to the Down and Derby event.

The fundraising event is May 4, 2019:

Mulberry MAX is a proud member of the Downtown Business Association and accepts DBA gift cards

Max is proud to partner with KRFC community radio for the next year on their event “Power the Tower” – an attempt to raise money for a bigger better antenna. KRFC supports local music in town and are proponents of “good news,” rather than doom and gloom news. Of the over 60 frequencies on the FM dial, they are the only ones that are not either commercial radio or NPR.

The fundraising event is April 19 at New Belgium Brewery:

Max has donated wine in a gift box to the Ft Collins Board of Realtors for their bowl-a-thon. Each year they do a fundraiser to help a family in need. This year’s recipient is fighting lymphoma and a brain aneurysm and the gift will be in the silent auction to raise funds.

You can find out more about the event at:

Max has donated wine for the silent auction of the “Toast to Transitions 2019” event put on by Homeward Alliance and the Murphy Center. Homeward Alliance operates different initiatives and resources to assist folks with homelessness.

The event is June 1 at Lory Student Center. Learn more about the event here.