Keg Information

Mulberry MAX Has Your Next Keg

Mulberry MAX stocks kegs of popular beers and will special order anything you need.

Mulberry MAX has kegs!

How to order a keg:
Just call Mulberry MAX at 970-484-8795. We’ll be happy to reserve a keg we have in stock or special order a keg of your favorite beer. Orders for kegs not in inventory must be paid in advance.

When you pick up your keg, you’ll also be charged for deposits for the keg shell, and tap & tub if you need them. Deposits will be refunded in full when the keg shell, tap and tub are returned within 3 days of the date of purchase.

Deposit Amount:
Keg shells (all sizes) $30.00
Tap $45.00
Tub $15.00

How big a keg do I need?
Here’s how many 14 ounce servings are in each size keg. A regular can of beer has 12 ounces in it.

  • 1/6 barrel 40-50 servings
  • 1/4 barrel 70-75 servings
  • 1/2 barrel 140-150 servings

Kegs are HEAVY!
Bring friends to help you load your keg into your vehicle and unload it at your destination.

Enjoying your keg of beer:
After you buy it, your keg is your responsibility. Like other stores that sell kegs, we can not refund or exchange your keg for any reason.

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your keg of beer:

  • Ice the keg and allow it to settle for at least1 hour after transit. 
  • Keep the keg cold at all times! Chill the tap+line for 30 minutesbefore tapping to improve pouring.

You really need to see this:
For a quick tutorial on how to properly tap a keg, view this link on YouTube:

​When you return the keg shell, tap and tub:

  • Keg shells, rented taps and tubs should be returned within 3 days of pickup for a full refund. If you pick up a keg, tap & tub on Friday they must be returned by Monday to get a full refund of your deposits. We’re open every day except Christmas to accept your returns.
  • Deposits will be debited $10 for each additional day until the entire deposit is forfeited or the equipment is returned for the remaining deposit balance. 
  • Please disconnect the tap from the shell before returning them. Probably a good idea to disconnect the tap from the shell as soon as the party is over. 
  • Please be sure the tub is empty and dry.​
  • Be aware that any damage to any rented equipment forfeits your deposit(s). If you break a tap or put a hole in a tub, we’ve got to buy a new one.