Horsetooth Rock

Things to do in Fort Collins: Horsetooth Rock

Situated to the west of Fort Collins, the Horsetooth rock area is the perfect location for anybody that is serious about hiking and simply getting away from it all for a number of hours. With more than 29 miles of hiking routes to check out, the ability to simply immerse yourself in nature is not something that you should then be missing out on.

The Open Space

Covering over 2,700 acres, this open space has a series of trails that also connect to the Lory State Park trails as well as the Blue Sky trail. Furthermore, there is also the ability to get some height when you are there thanks to the fact that the elevation goes as high as 7,255 feet. With the ability to go riding, biking and also walking, this is the perfect place to help you to just get away from it all and to just allow yourself to enjoy and encompass the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Events and Permits

It is important to note that you do require a permit to enter the open space, but they are easy to obtain and will not take you long to do so. However, by using the permit system, it does mean that they can better control who is using the space leading to you feeling as if you can just relax knowing that things are being handled correctly and professionally.

There are also a series of events that end up being held at Horsetooth Rock throughout the year, and it is advisable to check out what is happening in advance of your trip. You can also have the opportunity to take part in effectively caring for the open space as there are volunteering options that will allow you to help with the general trail maintenance to make sure that it is perfect for everybody that then uses it.

A trip to Horsetooth Rock will prove to be far more enjoyable than you could have ever imagined if you are the type of person that loves the great outdoors. With so much to explore, and so much to see then there is little doubt that you will want to keep on coming back time and time again.