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Fort Collins Liquor Store | Mulberry MAX

For the largest Fort Collins liquor store, then make your way to Mulberry Max Liquor Store. With our wide array of beer, wine, and spirits, you can rest assured that you will be able to find the perfect drink no matter your preferences or requirements.

By venturing into our store, you will be immersed in a world of numerous options no matter if you are seeking something for a party at home, going for dinner elsewhere, or just looking for something to drink when relaxing.
With our beers, you will be able to choose from not only those that are local to Colorado, but also international brands covering every taste. From singles to 6 or 12 packs as well as cases, there will be something suitable for all of your beer drinking needs.

Regarding wines, then our liquor store goes one step further than most. We understand that knowing which wine to choose for any occasion is not easy, but that is why we have our own sommelier in the store to just make life so much easier. With wine available from all around the world, our sommelier will be able to identify the perfect wine for any meal or individual preference for taste.

Furthermore, our liquor store also stocks a wide array of spirits including some whiskey that you will struggle to find anywhere else in the area. Not only that, but we also stock a range of vodka, bourbon and rum including all of the major brand names that you would expect to find on our shelves.

So, stop searching for any other Fort Collins liquor store as you have found what you are looking for here at Mulberry Max Liquor Store. Visit us today by venturing into our store, or why not even try our special liquor delivery service just to make your entire life that bit easier.